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Drive along with the coolest magnetic ads and earn effortlessly

Viralrider is a crowdsourced ad platform that enables you to become an on-road influencer in creative advertising campaigns by putting up branded magnetic decals on your car and earn money.

No wraps. No stickers.
Simply magnetic.

Putting up an ad on a car couldn't have been easier. No installation. It's simply magnetic.

No minimum mileage.
No specific routes.
Just go about your drive as you wish.

With the magnetic ad on your car, there are no prerequisites of minimum number of kilometers you have to drive in a day or a week. Get on with your routine travel or plan for the drive as you wish.

Your ad campaign manager

Along with campaign notifications, Viralrider manages a host of other related actions. Keeps track of your earnings too.

Consistency pays.
Popularity pays more.

Use social media to popularize the ad campaigns you participate. Be a star and let the brand recognize your value and demand your special participation in their campaigns.

Tag a car with an ad and earn.

Making easy smart money has never been easier! Spot an ad on the road geo-tag it with our Viralrider app and earn up to RM100 per month. Yes, it is that easy! Not to mention the add-on points and rewards. That’s not all! Tag any other ad be it billboard, digital board or even a radio commercial and top up your earnings. Play on!

The Viralrider Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viralrider?
Viralrider is an advertising platform that pays everyday drivers to place removable advertisements on their cars.
How can I sign up to become a driver?
Applying is simple. Interested drivers visit and click on "Become a driver" in the webpage. It is a quick and simple application that allows Viralrider to better understand your driving patterns.
Do I have to pay anything to get started?
No, this service is free to join.
What type of cars will be allowed to enroll?
When you enroll, your vehicle will be checked to determine the condition.
When can I start?
Once you are enrolled, you may start receiving campaign notifications within a short period of time.
How much money can I make?
The client fixes the campaign period and budgets. However, if you were to receive a campaign every week then you have a strong potential to earn a minimum of RM 450 every month.
How long will campaigns be?
Campaigns can be as short as 1 week to months depending on the nature of campaigns requested by the client.
Can I choose what advertisement goes on my car?
The campaign creative will be shared with you before the start of the campaign.
Will the magnetic decal spoil the exterior of the car?
Absolutely not. They are safe and easy to use. On the contrary, they protect the vehicle from minor scratches.
Do I need to drive a minimum number of miles/kilometers to qualify for the payment?
Viralrider's algorithm calculates the payment based on the exposure of the ad rather than the distance travelled. Hence the payment varies from driver to driver for the same campaign.

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